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Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston
Report of Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, October 10, 1995

PRESENT: Rick Kirk, Margaret Milne, Judy Skeggs, Robert Fydell, Alan Nicholls, Monica Ishihara, Jeannette Woodman, Kim Lendvay, Harry Burgstaller, Fred Johnston, Mark Levison, Albert Angenent, Paula Stevens, Tom Newton, Ted Pope, Ed Jezak, Graham Wallace and Edwin Whitford.

The meeting was held at the Delahaye Room, Kingston Public Library, Kingston. The commodore, Margaret Milne, called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

Approval of agenda

“Moved that the agenda as published be approved”
Proposed by Monica Ishihara. Seconded by Rick Kirk. CARRIED

Minutes of the last General Meeting

The minutes of last year's AGM were distributed and the members given an opportunity to read them.

“Moved that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held October 3, 1994 be accepted as published.”
Proposed by Harry Burgstaller. Seconded by Judy Skeggs. CARRIED

Treasurer's report

In her report, the treasurer, Jeannette Woodman, referred members to the financial statement published in the club newsletter. She volunteered to answer questions from members about our finances. At present, the club has $6395 on deposit.

Sprint Racing

Alan Nicholls spoke about the progress made during the 1995 season, and referred to the report included in the recent newsletter. He repeated an invitation for any member who knows of potential racers, particularly young persons, to get in touch early next year.

Fred Johnston reported on the Separate School Regatta (known as the Great Canadian Canoe Race), which was run for the fourth time this year.

Special events

Rick Kirk reported about the Canoe Event and Sale arranged by the Algonquin Canoe Store with the co-operation of the club. This event attracted several new members to the demonstrations. We were given a Royalex canoe for our help. This will be used on our whitewater trips.

Commodore's report

The commodore, Margaret Milne, reported on club activities during the past year. She paid tribute to Fred Johnston, retiring from the board, for his services to the club over the past 25 years.

Ratification motion

“Moved that this membership ratifies all the acts and decisions made by the board of directors of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston on behalf of the club during their term of office which expires October 10 1995.”
Proposed by Alan Nicholls. Seconded by Fred Johnston. CARRIED

Appointment of officers and other members of the board of directors

Judy Skeggs, on behalf of the nominating committee, nominated the following persons for the coming year, with the term of office starting with the close of this meeting.

Commodore - Margaret Milne
Vice-Commodore - Judy Skeggs
Secretary - Alan Nicholls
Treasurer - Jeannette Woodman
Past Commodore - Ed Jezak

Other board members: Robert Fydell, Rick Kirk, Ted Pope, Robert Tolley and Peter Wagner

As no further nominations were made either before this meeting or from the floor, no election was needed. The persons nominated were therefore declared to be appointed by acclamation.


The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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