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Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston
Report of Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, October 22, 1997

This meeting was held at the Delahaye Room, Kingston Public Library, Kingston, with the vice-commodore, Ed Jezak in the chair. It was attended by 37 members. In addition, seven members were represented by proxy. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes of last General Meeting

“That the minutes published of the Annual General meeting held on October 21 1996 be approved.”
Moved by Ken Pearce. Seconded by Don Harris. CARRIED

Committee reports and commodore's report

The following officers and chairpersons of subcommittees presented brief reports:

Ted Pope - Flatwater racing committee
Bernard Léger - Treasurer
Bob Tolley - Boathouse manager
Margaret Milne - Recreational touring
Beth Orr - Advertising committee

The commodore was not able to attend the meeting. His report was read by Ed Jezak.

Ratification motion

“Moved that the membership ratifies all the acts and decisions made by the board of directors of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston on behalf of the club during their term of office which expires October 22 1997.”
Moved by Alan Nicholls, seconded by Virginia Steele. CARRIED

Appointment of board

A slate of officers and other board members was nominated in the report of the nominating committee and from the floor. Each of the officers' positions was returned by acclamation. For the Other Board Members, seven nominations were made for the five positions available. After an election by secret ballot, the following persons were declared to be members of the board for the coming year:

Commodore - Gary Birrell
Vice Commodore - Margaret Milne
Secretary - Alan Nicholls
Treasurer - Ed Jezak
Past Commodore (non-elective position) - Rick Kirk
Other board members: Don Harris, Barry Irish, Bernard Léger, Beth Orr and Bob Tolley

The members of this board would take up their duties immediately.


The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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