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Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston
Report of Annual General Meeting
Monday, October 30, 2000

This meeting was held at the Delahaye Room, Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Johnson Street, Kingston, with the commodore, Barry Irish in the chair. The meeting was attended by 50 voting members, with a further 28 represented by proxy.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m.

Approval of agenda

“That the agenda, as amended, be approved.”
Proposed by Alan Nicholls. Seconded by Dukke van der Werf. CARRIED

Minutes of last General Meeting

“That the minutes published of the Annual General meeting held October 25 1999 be approved.”
Proposed by Alan Nicholls. Seconded by Debbie Twiddy. CARRIED

Committee reports and commodore's report

The following officers and chairpersons of subcommittees presented brief reports:

Ed Jezak - Treasurer
Alastair Lamb — Flatwater racing
Bob Tolley - Boathouse manager
Peter Kopp — Advertising
Margaret Wild - Recreational touring
Alan Nicholls — Membership
Ed Jezak - Whitewater

The commodore, Barry Irish, gave his report about the operation of the club during the year.

Recommendations about sprint racing program

On June 28 2000, the board passed a resolution that the club would not administer the sprint racing program at Sydenham Lake beyond the 2000 season and encouraged the formation of a separate club.

Members attending an information meeting held October 23 2000, chaired by Bob Bloom, selected an ad hoc committee to make recommendations to the membership at the annual general meeting. Their report was posted on the club’s website and circulated at the AGM. For the report see, in Acrobat format.

The two co-signers of the report moved a motion that the recommendations in the report be accepted.

Four separate amendments were proposed. Three of these amendments were passed: 1. to change the wording about interest-free loans to read “consider” instead of “look favourably”, 2. to add a paragraph to the agreement to cover the possible dissolution of the new club within five years, and 3. to clarify that the only kayaks to be transferred would be racing kayaks. The fourth amendment, to have the war canoe shared between the two clubs, was not passed.

The motion, as amended, that was passed (with emphasis added for clarification) reads:

“Be it resolved that if the current Sydenham sprint racing group
1. Incorporates as a separate non-profit, not-charitable organization,
2. Provides the treasurer of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston with a financial statement which identifies their current financial position,
3. Wraps-up business as a member group of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston,
4. Pays back to the treasurer of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston by cheque or draft any account surplus funds identified, and
5. Closes all bank accounts opened in the name of the Cataraqui Canoe Club,

the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston agrees to
1. Transfer the following assets to the new incorporated club:
- War canoe,
- Racing canoes and racing kayaks owned by Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston with the exception of the two “Museum Pieces” which will be donated to an interested museum,
- Trailer used to transport racing boats,
- Two rescue boats with engines, tanks etc.,
- Racing canoe paddles,
Racing kayak paddles as currently divided,
- Life jackets and belts as commonly used by the racing participants and
- Racing buns,
2. Grant the new club a one-time start-up grant of $5,000 to assist in the cost of incorporation and the building of a boat storage facility at Sydenham Lake,
3. Transfer, in the form of a grant to the new club, any identified account surplus from the bank accounts currently maintained by the racing group and
4. Consider any request for an interest-free loan for one year, that may be required to support the operations of the new club during the 2001 season.

This agreement shall be with the understanding that
Assets of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston would be transferred only to an incorporated club,
2. The transfer of assets would be accomplished by a signed letter of understanding between the two clubs, and
3. If the new club in Sydenham ceases operation within five years, any physical assets transferred under this agreement shall be returned to the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston.

This motion, as amended, was proposed by Rick Kirk and seconded by Mark Segsworth. CARRIED

Ratification motion

“Moved that the membership ratifies all the acts and decisions made by the board of directors of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston on behalf of the club during their term of office which expires October 30 2000.”
Proposed by Alan Nicholls. Seconded by Barry Irish. CARRIED

Appointment of board

A slate of officers and other board members was proposed in a report of the nominating committee. In this report, six persons were nominated for the five vacancies for other board members, one of whom withdrew. As there were no further nominations, all of those remaining on the list of nominations were declared appointed by acclamation.
The following were declared to be members of the board for the coming year:

Commodore - Barry Irish
Vice Commodore - Margaret Wild
Secretary - Alan Nicholls
Treasurer - Ed Jezak
Past Commodore - Gary Birrell (non-elective position)
Other board members: - David Forkes, Peter Kopp, Ken Pearce, Linda Tucker, and Dukke van der Werf

The members of this board would take up their duties immediately.


The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

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