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Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston
Report of Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, October 7, 2003

This meeting was held in the Delahaye Room, Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Johnson Street, Kingston with the Commodore, Margaret Wild in the chair. The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m., with 52 members in attendance.

Approval of agenda

“That the agenda, with the addition of Ratification Motion, be approved.”
Proposed by David Ferguson, seconded by Dugald Carmichael. Carried

Minutes of last General Meeting

“That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on October 7, 2002, as published and read be approved.”
Proposed by Charles Hannan, seconded by Kimberley Barker. Carried

Committee reports and Commodore's report

The following officers presented brief reports:

Treasurer - Ed Jezak
Courses and clinics - Barry Irish
Recreational tripping - Dukke van der Werf
Advertising - Margaret Wild, for Peter Kopp
Whitewater - Ed Jezak
Boathouse manager - Bob Tolley

The Treasurer, Ed Jezak, presented his written financial report to the meeting and explained the various items. He also advised that Jeannette Woodman, a club member and a former Treasurer of the club had agreed to review the Club accounts as required by our by-laws. She had examined the financial records of the Club for the period April 1, 2002 to March 31, 2003 and found everything to be in order.

“That the financial report be accepted.”
Proposed by Ed Jezak, seconded by Harry Burgstaller. Carried

In her report as Commodore, Margaret Wild gave an overview of the past year. At last year's AGM, members approved a revised constitution in which we made commitments to protect the environment and engage in active risk management. As a result, the Board has produced an excellent Trip Leaders' Guide and a Members' Information Package which provide camping ethics to protect the environment and safety guidelines to protect members. Samples were available for anyone interested in seeing them. Margaret reported that the Club had an active, successful year with membership at around 300 and thanked all of the volunteers for their role in that success.

Ratification Motion

“Moved that the membership ratifies all the acts and decisions made by the Board of Directors of the Cataraqui Canoe Club of Kingston on behalf of the Club during their term of office which expires October 7, 2003.”
Proposed by Janice Ley, seconded by Don Harris. Carried

Appointment of Board of Directors

A slate of officers and other Board members was proposed in the report of the Nominating Committee. As there were no further nominations, either before the meeting or from the floor, those nominated in the report were declared appointed by acclamation.

The following were declared to be members of the Board of Directors for the coming year:

Commodore - Dukke van der Werf
Vice Commodore - Barry Irish
Secretary - Charles Hannan
Treasurer - Ed Jezak
Past Commodore (non-elected position) - Margaret Wild

Other Board Members - Carolyn Bonta-Johnson, Dugald Carmichael, David Ferguson, Jane Knibbs, Beth Orr.

The members of the Board will take up their duties immediately.


On a motion by Mike Fisher, the meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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