Cataraqui Canoe Club
Instructions for Evening Paddlers

Last updated May 2015
These instructions are posted at the boathouse

1. There is no charge for Club members to sign-out a watercraft to paddle from the Boat House on designated evenings. Watercraft must be used from the Boathouse however, on the Cataraqui River or Kingston waterfront and may not be removed from the local water other than on organized Club trips, for which boats can be rented.

2. Heavy weeds present a serious hazard if you upset your boat. Avoid paddling among the weeds often present in the middle of the river.

3. Everyone is required to wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) while in the watercraft at all times and have a bailer, a floating line, and a whistle. In the event of an emergency, blow 3 long whistle blasts. If you have a phone, call 911. The Canoe Club is located at Orchard Park at the foot of Cataraqui Street, North of the River Mill Restaurant and Woolen Mill.

4. Heavy weeds present a serious hazard if you tip over. Avoid paddling among the weeds that are often present in the middle of the river.

5. Be aware of changing weather conditions, particularly high winds, and consider returning earlier than planned. If thunderclouds appear or you hear thunder, get off the water.

6. You may bring a guest along with you in a canoe. Guests however, are not allowed to go solo in a canoe or kayak.

7. Boaters are responsible for any damages to the watercraft or its equipment.

8. Watercrafts must be returned and in the Boathouse (NO LATER THAN 8:00 PM). If members fail to return before said time and Emergency Services have to be contacted, they may be held responsible for any charges incurred for said services.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Paddle!