Events & Open Paddles

Interested in a trip but have transport issues? Being the second person in a canoe is sometimes a possibility, and some club members can transport a second kayak on their vehicles. Contact the trip organizer well in advance and we can see if we can accommodate you!

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January 2018

Sunday, January 7: Murphys Point (Updated January 4)

Enjoy a mix of groomed trails and a back country trail for skiing, as well as warming huts to eat your lunch. There is a good chance of snow at Murphys Point, even when there's none in Kingston. However, if there is no skiing, a hike at Gould Lake will be substituted. There is park fee per car. Contact Robert at 613 542-9626 or

Sunday, January 14: Opinicon Ski/Snowshoe or Hike (Updated January 11)

Starting and ending beside Opinicon Road, this will be a ski or snowshoe if we get a real winter. Otherwise it will be a hike. For details call Dugald at 613 542-8628.

Saturday, January 20: Skate, Ski or Hike

Always such a fun day! A winter adventure somewhere in or near the magical Massassauga domain of Janice and Eric. For details phone Janice at 613 542-9958 or e-mail.

Saturday, January 27: Nordic ski at the Triangle Ski Club

The Club boasts 35 km of picturesque trails, of which 17 km are groomed. To ski there you will be expected to sign a waiver and pay a fee. You can check conditions at Contact Jim at 613 382-8682.

February 2018

Saturday, February 3rd – Ski At Murphy's Point (Cancelled on February 1)

Murphy's Point is sufficiently north to frequently boast excellent conditions when less than ideal locally. There is a choice of groomed trails, skate skiing, and a scenic back country route, together with warm-up huts.

In fact, when it's good, it's very. very good, and when it's bad we take a hike! There is a park fee per car. Call Don before 7 p.m. at 613-384-4346

Saturday, February 10th – Frontenac Park Swamp Hop

This is backyard territory for Janice and Eric who expertly weave their way across frozen swamps to find the most favourable scenic route. Starting from the trail centre, this may be a hike, ski or snowshoe depending on conditions. Park fees apply. Call Janice for latest indications: 613-542-9948

Saturday, February 17th – Amherst Island Owl Woods

Steve will be our informed guide: 'The Owl Woods on Amherst Island are world famous for owls in winter. You may see: Snowy, Barred, Northern Saw Whet, Boreal, Long Eared, Short Eared, and the occasional Great Horned Owl. Chickadees and Nut Hatches will eat from your hand. Woodpeckers and Northern Harriers are common. Viewings are erratic depending on feeding conditions - it is a good hike regardless. Bring binoculars, cameras, and suitable footwear for the km hike in. Where possible we will carpool from our rendezvous point – there is a fee for the ferry'. Call Steve: 613-542-1054

Saturday, February 24th – Cataraqui Trail Outing & Social Gathering

A few hours of skiing/snowshoeing /hiking (depending on weather and inclination) on the Cat Trail starting from a member's home at the north east end of Sydenham Lake. Bring your lunch to enjoy early afternoon on the trail or later on, when hot beverages will be provided to sip on in front of the fireplace. Contact Ingrid for details at 613-376-6787 (before 9 p.m.).

March 2018

Saturday, March 3rd – Showshoe/Hike Gould Lake Updated February 1

Gould Lake, one of our closest conservation areas, includes some of the most outstanding features. Don will lead a winter hike (possible snowshoe) partly on Rideau Trail and part on blue loops. Distance approximately 10km, but can be adjusted for current conditions and needs of participants. Expect some rugged terrain and lovely views. Call Don at 613-374-1101 or email

Saturday, March 10th – Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

Snowshoe, hike or x-country ski the "Little Cat". A 10 Km, easy trip on groomed trails, with time to meditate, deliberate or converse with fellow participants. With all the snows forecast, we will keep an eye open for the welcome harbingers of spring. We will be starting at the outdoor centre and ending there (where you can share your repast with the trip leader). The official CCC trip ends here, and you will be free to explore further trails of your choice if you wish. Park fees apply.

Call Dave: 613-376-6883 or email

Saturday, March 17th – Blue Mountain Hike (ski/snowshoe)

Jim usually leads this event earlier when it is more likely to be a ski/snowshoe, but given the forecast for a snowy winter, we should wait and see: 'This trip is a combination of trail and off-trail hiking at Blue Mountain on the south side of Charleston Lake. The hiking trails leading to and from Blue Mountain are great for skiing, and there are opportunities to stray from the trail to take in other points of interest. The ascent to the top of Blue Mountain is challenging and the view from the top wonderful. Depending on conditions we may ski down or scramble on foot if hiking'. Call Jim for an update: 613-382-8682.

Saturday, March 24th – Potluck Schedule Making Party

Once again Karen has volunteered to be our congenial host at a time of year when a party is most welcome and anticipation of summer is at its height. Come to enjoy good fellowship, good food and fun as we plan the best summer paddling ever. New members are especially welcome, knowledge of canoe routes is not a prerequisite!

Call Karen at 613-547-2691

(If you have an idea for a trip but can't make it to the party email Margaret: Bonus: you are more likely to have your choice of date!)

Saturday, March 31st - Napanee River Whitewater

The 8km stretch between Yarker and Camden East is an excellent introduction to whitewater for beginners. Near the put-in and take-out are two 500m Class 1 rapids. If you are a competent flat water paddler and ready for a taste of whitewater, perhaps you could tandem with a CCC veteran in a fully fitted club whitewater canoe. Remember this is early season at peak levels, and adequate cold water protection is essential (e.g., wetsuit). Call Mark on his cell: 613-328-6854

April 2018

Saturday, April 7th – Lower Salmon River Whitewater

Twelve km of mostly flatwater and Class 1-2 whitewater in a scenic cedar fringed glen, usually with good surfing waves. Two short portages around weirs. Afternoon highlights will be Buttermilk Falls and the Weeping Wall. Sounds idyllic but some whitewater experience plus cold water clothing (e.g. wetsuit) and suitable equipment are essential. Contact Ed: 613-389-4459 or

Saturday, April 14th – Moira River Whitewater Paddle

If you are an experienced whitewater paddler, paddle the Moira River from Lost Channel near Tweed to Latta with a short shuttle in the middle. More challenging than the Napanee or Salmon Rivers, but still Class 2 rapids with the occasional touch of Class 3 if water levels are high. Club boats may be rented to members. Cold water protection (e.g., wetsuit) must be worn – see cautions above. Call Mark on his cell: 613-328-6854

Saturday, April 21st – Massassauga Creek Paddle

The club's first flat water paddle of the season, and another CCC classic orchestrated by Janice and Eric. There may be snow on the banks but it's intoxicating to be afloat again. There are invariably beaver dam lift-overs which may be better handled by canoe. A short bush whacking hike will be arranged around the lunch stop. The creek is sheltered but water and air temperatures remain low. Contact Janice for details: 613-542-9958

Saturday, April 28th – Hardwood Creek, Verona To Petworth

When raised by spring runoff, Hardwood Creek and the Napanee River provide a secluded 18km paddle with a 19km shuttle. Mostly flatwater and gentle current but includes about 300 m of swifts with bouncy waves at Petworth. There is an option to shorten the trip to 13km by taking out 1km north of Petworth. Call Bob at 613-384-4482

May 2018

Cataraqui Canoe Club Open House

May 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Tue/Wed/Thu) 6-8 P.m.

Cataraqui Canoe Club Open House held at the boathouse from 6-8 p.m: Invite your friends, neighbours, colleagues! They may be surprised to learn that Kingston not only has a vibrant canoe/kayak club with a fleet available to members, but also an active outdoor programme that runs throughout the year.

Come to renew acquaintances, make new ones, see what's happening over the summer and sign up for clinics. Enjoy refreshments and demos from local outfitters. (If you have not already done so, a chance to renew your membership.)

Saturday, May 5th – Lower Salmon River Whitewater

Dugald is an incorrigible WW paddler, when conditions are right he paddles almost every day! Here Dugald leads another paddle on the Lower Salmon River

– see details and cautions for April 7th. Dugald can be reached at 613-542-8628 or

Sunday, May 13th – Napanee River Mother's Day Paddle

No whitewater this time, just a gentle current on one of the prettiest stretches of Napanee River upstream from Petworth. Trees will be starting to leaf, spring flowers to bloom and perhaps fiddleheads ready to pick. Distance, pace and time will be adjusted to the ability of the paddlers, but is usually about 2-3 hours round trip with a break for lunch. Bring your Mom, children, grand-children! Details from Debbie at 613-374-1704

Saturday, May 19th – Gould Lake Paddle

A local gem! Dugald invites us to 'enjoy a leisurely exploration of Gould Lake, with its 18km of mainly undeveloped shoreline and its dozen picturesque islands. We shall paddle about 12km and hike about 400m along Ridgewalk Trail for lunch atop a granite look-off 35m above the lake.' This is a 12km paddle which could be suitable for beginners. Call Dugald 613-542-8628 or email

Saturday, May 26th – Desert Lake Paddle

No car shuttle, no portages, just 20-22km of paddling pleasure from Desert Lake through Mitchell Creek into Birch Lake. Don can adjust the distance according to participant's wishes and the 'shield' landscape is lovely.

Call Don at 613-374-1101 or email

Going on a trip with the Cataraqui Canoe Club

Club activities are open both to members and non-members. If you are not yet a club member, you are welcome to come without charge on non-paddling day trips, but we ask for a $5.00 fee for canoeing trips and overnight trips.

To take part in an event, call the trip organizer a few days before the event, after checking this page for any last-minute changes. Also check with the organizer for equipment rentals.

Each person joining in club activities is responsible for accepting the risks involved. While most trips are easy and safe, others are harder and more risky. When you phone the trip organizer or when you meet just before the trip make sure you have agreed that the proposed trip is suitable for you. Consider such things as your paddling and other outdoor skills, your fitness level and any health problems you may have.

Paddling from the Boathouse

Members are invited to borrow club canoes and kayaks to paddle from the boathouse at the times shown below.

For these paddles, members are required to wear Personal Flotation Devices at all times.

If nobody arrives to paddle within 45 minutes of the scheduled opening time, the person on duty is free to lock up and leave. You must sign the waiver form before taking out a boat.

May – Wednesdays, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
June to August – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
September – Wednesdays, 6:00 p.m. to dusk.