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Event forms and special event instructions

For trip coordinators (PDFs)

Evening paddling and camping

Instructions for Evening Paddlers

Club information


The club's by-laws (PDF, 118kb) form our constitution, show our goals, and determine how the club is managed. Amended October 2017.

Membership form

See our Membership page.

Boat storage rental form

See our Membership page.

Evening Paddle Sign-In/Waiver Form

For Club use: a paddling form/waiver to replenish the clubhouse binder for evening paddles.

Treasurer's forms

Expense claim form
Cash receipt slip


Copies of the newsletters published since September 1998. If you have dial-up Internet service, each file may take a few minutes to download.
You might want to look at the four older newsletters, from 1984, 1985 and 1986. These were provided by Dennis Burr. Dennis also supplied a copy of the kayak polo rules. You might find these interesting.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy governing Club data collection and management.

Agenda & Minutes of Annual General Meetings

Agenda for 2017 AGM
Minutes dating back to 1995. If you need to see any, they are all here.

Proxy Form (for Annual General Meetings)

A form to delegate votes at our AGM.

Local retailers, rentals, etc.
Ahoy Rentals
Situated on the shore at 23B Ontario Street, Kingston. Phone number: 613 549 4277. You can buy or rent canoes, sea-kayaks, sail boats or bicycles.

Frontenac Outfitters Inc
Kayak and canoe sales and rentals. Kayak courses. Camp sites. Located on the water beside Frontenac Provincial Park. Phone number: 613 376 6220.

For canoes, kayaks, and camping equipment and apparel. The Kingston store is at 272 Princess Street. Phone number: 613 546 4757.

Kingston-area organizations of interest Rideau Trail Association
This organization maintains the hiking trail between Kingston and Ottawa. Through its local groups in Kingston, Perth and Ottawa, the association organizes hikes in the area.

Kingston Velo Club
Kingston's cycling club.

Kingston Rowing Club
Our neighbours at the club's boathouse.

General canoeing/kayaking information
Small Vessel Regulations

Paddle Canada

The Wabakimi Project

Guided Excursions (from Paddle Canada)

Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association

Ottawa Canoe Club

Safety Code of the American Whitewater Affiliation
If you plan any whitewater canoeing, study this document and follow its advice.

Water-level gauges
This site is of particular interest to whitewater paddlers. It shows water levels, in real time, of rivers and lakes across Canada, including 107 sites in Ontario.

Canadian Canoe Routes
Extensive information about all aspects of wilderness canoeing.

The Canadian Canoe Museum
The museum, located in Peterborough, Ontario, contains the greatest collection of canoes anywhere.

Safe canoeing
A video illustrating safe practice in canoeing.

Water Sports: Canoeing
Articles on all aspects of canoeing.

Advice on dealing with mosquitoes and tickds. The Upper-Gatineau Whitewater Festival
This festival is held at the end of August each year to publicize the need to save rivers from unneeded dams.

Ontario maps and outdoor resources
Guide to the Rideau Canal waterway
In June 2007, UNESCO designated the Rideau Canal as a World Heritage Site. The website shown here has a host of information about the area, with many interesting and useful links.

1000 Islands kayaking
A detailed and attractive website about canoeing and kayaking on the Canadian side of the Thousand Islands. It provides maps and other information in a guidebook format of nine water trails in the area.

Trail maps and locations for popular hiking trails in Ontario

Ontario Hiking Trails

Angenant photo archive Albert Angenant was well-known to many of us as an avid canoeist who joined the club in 1985. He was active in many aspects of canoeing: as a canoe builder, as the boatmaster at RMC, as an active whitewater canoeist and as the writer of an extensive guide to local rivers. Prior to his passing in 2010, he provided us with a photo montage showing some of the people he has paddled with over the past few years. Have a look.